"Service Beyond Your Expectations"       

"Service Beyond Your Expectations"       

Hours of Operation: Tues. Wed. Fri.: 9:30-6:00  Thurs.: 9:30-8:00  Sat.: 9:30-5 

CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY (private appointments by request on Monday)

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     When coming from Dalton or the Price Chopper direction, continue on Dalton Avenue through the intersection where Sherwin Williams is located, we are just past Cumberland Farms and The Elbow Room onthe right.  There is a purple sign on the road and it is just before the turn to go towards the mall.

     When coming from downtown Pittsfield or Merrill Road, head through the intersection towards Dalton and stay in the right lane.  There is a U-turn lane on the right, so bear right and do a legal U-turn in the lane provided.  Be sure to stay in the right lane as the U-turn lane is just past the big intersection.

     It is way easier than it seems.  Hope to see you soon.

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