At Charland Jewelers, quality, is always a priority in our decision making process. From handpicking our diamonds and colored gemstones to be used in our custom jewelry designs, to choosing the right designers and manufacturers that not only provide a beautiful piece of jewelry but will stand the test of time. We confidently stand behind the quality of our jewelry and proudly maintain and service your pieces for as long as you own them.

Conflict Free Sources

At Charland Jewelers, we only buy diamonds, gemstones, and products from corporations that treat their employees fairly. All of our suppliers subscribe to the “Kimberly Process” certifying that their diamonds come from legitimate sources and do not support countries that treat their citizens in an inhumane manner or support terrorist activities in any way. We thoroughly check all of our sources continuously and our hopes is that someday all, not only 99%, of diamonds are from conflict free sources.

Pricing Policy

At Charland Jewelers, we have adopted the policy that we call, “Truth in Pricing, everyday.” We offer fine quality diamonds, gemstones, watches, and fine jewelry at exceptional prices everyday. We eliminate the need for our customers to negotiate or wait for that “big sale” or that “great deal”. We offer you quality jewelry at a fair price, everyday. Period. No “to good to be true deals” or “once in a lifetime offers.” We have far too much respect for our customers and ourselves to subscribe to what we believe to be the deceptive practice of overly high markups used only to create the illusion of a big discount. After spending time with one of our sales associates most people soon see that straight answers to your serious questions are more appreciated than the smoke and mirrors that most traditional jewelry stores offer.

What Is a Graduate Gemologist?

The first step to answering the posed question is defining what a graduate gemologist is. A graduate gemologist is an individual who has earned a degree which has presented them with the knowledge of grading and identifying gemstones. One who has received their education and given a degree naming them a graduate gemologist has learned how to figure out a diamond's value and quality. There are a variety of schools and institutes which offer this degree and individuals who become graduate gemologists go on to engage in careers such as jewelry store owner, diamond and gemstone buyers, auction house jewelry specialist, diamond manufacturer and even appraiser.